Surveillance Oversight Database

This database compiles documents related to surveillance oversight in Europe, and in particular the oversight of intelligence agencies.

It is part of GUARD//INT research project, a European research project that examines surveillance, intelligence and oversight. The main goal is to build empirical and conceptual tools to better understand the limits and potential of intelligence oversight mechanisms. The research team is based at leading research institutions in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

With this database (based on the Uwazi software), our goal is to provide an evolving document archive of laws and regulations, court decisions and official reports surrounding intelligence oversight. At this point, it compiles documents from France, Germany and the United Kingdom. This will both support our comparative research and improve public access to these important documents. The database is work in progress and supposed to grow over time, including more documents from more countries.

You can reach out with any questions, comments or suggestions via our contact form. We are looking forward to any feedback you might have!

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